Second week of October Events

We all know that London is full of events. There are so many of them everyday, so I thought to open this section to talk about the ones I think you can like. Obviously if I will attend these events I'll talk about them more specifically.

Since June to 4th of November at Victoria and Albert Museum there is an exhibition about Frida Kahlo I think it's sold out now, but you can try to buy the tickets directly at the museum, in fact I've just discovered that some thickets are sold everyday for this exhibition from 10 am.
Thare is also an exhibition about fashion, Fashion From Nature, since April to 27th of January, that is divided in two sections, one free and accessible to everyone and another one, inside a smaller room, accessible just to the people who bought the tikets (12£). I went to the free one and it was quite intresting, in fact you can see clothes organized in a chronological way and so many accessories used in the past. I think they start from 1600 to our days. It explains the evolution of fashion and displays fashion desingers, such as Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior etc first clothes. I really liked this section, instead I saw just a bit of the other one and I thought the space was too small to pay 12£, but I am probably wrong. There is also an exhibition about videogames until 24th of februrary (18£).

London Restaurant Festival 1/31th October:
As you can easily understand different restaurants around the city will join this festival. The most important thing I have to say is that, due to the huge variety of cultures in London, I can't say to have found 

something typical about food here, I talk about some typical restaurant. Obviously there is a typical cusine with characteristic recipes, I think, but in London it's so hard to find it. Anyway during the entire month of october the city will honour good food. In fact this is the 10th anniversary of this festival in collaboration with American Express. More than 350 restaurants will join this initiative. There are about 60 events that include Tasting Menus, Restaurant-Hopping, Gourmet Odysseys, Chef-Hosted eventsTours and Ultimate Gastronomic Weekends. If I understand correctly you can buy early a lunch/dinner and you can choose among various packages. More info.

The last I want to talk about started this saturday (6th of October), it's the exhibition Body Worlds you can find it in Piccadilly. In this exhibition there are showed real bodies, offered from people to the science. I read how the bodies are treated and, if I'm not wronf, inside the bodies are injected polymers to prevent and avoid the decomposition. I think that is very interesting and I would like to visit it, tikets cost 24£ and it's open everyday since 9.30 to 19 except for friday and saturday that is open till 21. More info on the website

I'll be back with some new events next week, if you like this section of the blog.

And you will join some of these events?

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