I am costantly with the eyes opened widely, like a baby in a toy store. My life moves fast among at least 10 pics per day, a lot of music, trips, books and concerts, if we add also a bit of love and tons of positivity we have the full picture of it.
I am 26 years old, I am Italian and I guess you know that my name is Giulia, considering that is written everywhere.

If in this moment someone asked me what I like to do in my life maybe I would reply: "Follow my dreams and try to make them real".

I am not too good at talking about me, but when I started to write this post I realised that I am living some of my dreams, not all of them, but I am still working on them.
The youngest me would be so proud knowing that I currently live in London and I am writing on my own travel blog.
Unfortunately I haven't used so much my blog during this first year, but now I have tons of new ideas to develop and to carry on and you are helping me on instagram with other amazing ideas that I am super excited to realise.

If you are curious enough about my future plans and if you want to know a little more about the life of an(other) Italian in London this is the perfect place.
Actually is the right place also if you are a little down, if you like travel pics, if you consider interesting to know other cultures, habits and so many other things...
Long story short, it is the right place in any case!

Enjoy your stay,