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10 thinghs you probably don' know about London.

Aftetr long time I am back again.
Unfortunately I have totally lost the inspiration because everyone talks about London and I really wanted to continue with youtube, but I have some problem with the editing program and I don't know why.
Anyway today I will try to talk about that probably you don't know about this city:

1. Oyster:
The first thig you have to do when you arrive in London is to buy the Oyster card, the transportations card. It is rechargeable and it costs 5£. If you top up your Oyster you can avoid to pay for every single ticket.
The Oyster works in this way:
in accordance with the lenght of your journay you will pay more or less. For example to take the tube (here in London they say tube to say metro) and to travel between the 2nd and the 3rd area you will pay about 2.40/2.80, as longer is your travel as much you will pay. If you take the bus, you will pay everytime 1.50. There is no difference between longer distances or shorter,
if you have to change bus you can do it for free within one hour from the first one. Also the overground costs 1.50.
Someone asked me why i have to tap with the Oyseter when I enter in the tube and when I go out from it, it's easy, when you enter in the tube they don't know where you will finish your trip, because you don't have a real ticket, but you have a rechargeable card, so you will pay when you go out from the tube.
You can be refunded for the Oyster if you bring it in some office(more info here).

2. Tube lines and hours:
Hereyou have to pay attention because the tube is not open everynight all night during the week, and not all are open all the night during the weekend (friday and saturday), you can have more info checking here, but luckily in London the buses work quite well and there are a lot of them that work everynigth all the night.

3. My favorite places:
My favorite places in London are many, but the ones where (for now) I would spent everyday are the Tower Bridge, South Bank, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Granary Square, Carnaby Street, China Town, Neil’s Yard, King’s Cross/St. Pancras…and that's it... for now. I love the atmosphere of these places, I think that they are super relaxing even if they are full of people.





4. Fast Food:
I was used to think that the food here was enough good, above all when you eat out, but it's not in this way, if you know where to go, obviously.
Fist of all we have to say that english people are so different from us.
They are used to eat in fast food/take away everytime, night and day. I don't usually eat at the fast food but my favorite ones are: Wasabi, Pret a manger, Honest Burger e Leon.
Wasabi Wasabi means sushi, sushi, sushi. You can find there every kind of sushi. Before I came here I used to eat just a two kind of it and know I eat more or less everything I find on Wasabi. The average price is about 3/7£, but there is a super important thing to say, if you want to save some money, half an hour before they close there is 50% discount on everything, (this is the same at Itsu, but I prefer Wasabi). I usually eat with 3/4£, and I eat tons of sushi!
Pret a manger is a fast food where you can find every kind of sandwiche. I like them and my favorite ones are the one with salmon. The average price is about 3/7£ (there are also some vegetables soups, fruits and pastries).
Honest Burger (it's not a proper fast food) the best hamburgers, every month they create a new kind of burger that is the "special of the month" where they put almost everytingh they can find in the kitchen I think. The average price is about is about 10£, but you have the french fries included.
Leonwent there just onece, but I really liked it. It's a real fast food, they make hamburgers/salads I think that the average price is about 7/9£.
Another important thing to save money is when they ask “eat in”/”take away?” you have to know that if you eat there you will pay, obviously more than if you take away your food.

5. Parks:
Park here is the new beach, people spent thei lunch breaks, their coffee breaks, their breakfasts, every moment is good to go to the park, if it's hot, like these days, for example, you can go to the park in your swimsuits to sunbathe. In summer many activities for children are planned and for instance in the park close to my use there are three litlle lakes that since may to september are used like swimming pool, they are called ponds.

6. Fountains:
When it's too hot it's ordinary to see fountains that spash water from the ground and childrens to play in them, trying to avoid the sprays and running around.

7. Market:
London is full of market, from Camden, through Portobello, Bricklane and the Borough market. You can find everytingh, from piece of junk to very big deals. Not to mention food, food in London is EVERYWHERE, above all in these markets.

8. Everything at one pound:
There are a lot of chains that sell everything at one pound: Poundland, Poundworld o Poundstretcher.
You have to know that here there isn't any difference, almost every shops sell almost everything, you can find drugs next to food, detergets next to pastries.
If you go in a chain of chemist of calledBootsyou can find, for instance, every kind of drugs and if you turn the corner something like cookies.

9. Supermarkets:
The most important are Sainsbury’s and Tesco, there are also CoopWeitrose or M&S, but they are just a bit more expansive. LidlThe first three have high quality things and the prices are quite cheap compared to the others. The cheapest is Lidl, high quality products at low prices. Lidl che ha cose ottime a prezzi stracciati.

10. Museums:
You have to know that the majority of museums are free, except for a couple, such as Wax Museum, Tower of London or others that you can find on internet.

One of the things I' d like to do as soon as possible is to go to the Sky Garden, there is a huge glass wall from which you can see all the city, it's free, but you have to book your visit. The Sky Garden Sky Garden is a viable alternative to the Shard, taller and with a panoramic view, but you have to pay to go inside. Even if you go to the website you can find many activities, some are quite cheap, that you can do at the Shard and they also include sometimes a visit inside the building.

Anyway I've promised to myself to write more, also because for know I can't continue with youtube, so see you soon!

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