Our perfect summer day.

It all began when he said "on 15th of august I work" and "I already thought about the pictures of you I would like to take".
Sure, because this poor boy perfectly knows how much I am obsessed with in Instagram, but more in general how much I like get my picture taken, he is always able to capture my best traits. Sometimes I don't want to get my photo taken because I think I am ugly or I have some paranoia like this, but also in these days he is able to pull out the best of me and the funny things is that is the same in our daily life.
So on monday evening we went to buy some food: pasta, sauseges, tomatoes, mozzarella cream (obv!), I slept to him and on tuesday morning we left in direction of Farindola, sadly known because of the Rigopiano hotel disaster.
We have spent all day in a Daniele's uncle's house, once arrived, about 10, we went to the right near to the house, it's a cute and isolated place surrounded by nature.
We took thousands of pics and than we came back to have the lunch, (second favourite part of the day, the first one was about the picutres).







Daniele made pasta and sausage taking inspiration from one of my mother's recipe...I must say that it's very hard to make it (joking, obv!)
Anyway, it was amazing!

Sorry for the bad quality pic, but I was sooo hungry!

After that time to relax than we tidied uo the house and we want back because he had to work....
Ah, obviously when we get home, to end our beautiful (and super busy?) day we fell asleep!
I can easily say that was one of the best 15th of August!

Anyway as you can see in the pictures there is a wonderful painting, this was my anniversary's gift for Daniele.

It's an illustration by the amazing Alessandra Cioni (ypu can see it better on instagram), printed on a beautiful PVC panel, it's surface capture the color and it's perfect, without any imperfections, I have to thank the Digital world printing from Rome, they printed the illustrations in just a few days and the painting was delivered in just two days (?), in perfect conditions.

It was a wonderful collaboration and I reccomend them, above all because there is a very willing and kind girl, Ylenia, who helped me all the time.

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