Some explanations about Brexit.

In this period everyone everywhere talks about Brexit, we listen everyday wrong, or at least, exagerated info. I mean, in the last two months, above all here in Great Britain, all we do is to listen every single day about deal, no deal, Brexit no Brexit. There is a serious kind of allarmism in Facebook's Groups of Italiani a Londra, but I'm almost sure that is the same in other group of foreign people, where in fact, everyone is scared about hypothetical "mass deportations".

We have to take the stock of the situation: technically nothing will change, if not at bureaucratic level,, I mean that maybeafter the exit of United Kingdom from EU to travel around we will need a visa and a passport like in any other country that is not part of EU.
Instead, with regard to live in UK after 2020 there is no mystery: first of all EU citizens, that already live or decide to live in UK, won't have problems to live here also after the exit from EU, but they need to request and get the settled status or pre settled status a kind of certification that confirms that they can live here) within december 2020..

What is the difference between settled and pre-settled?

Everyone who legally and permanently lives and works in UK at least since 5 years may request to stay here for an indefinite period obtaining the settled status that is a stuts for a person legally resident.

Everyone who lives and work in UK since before than March 2019, but anyway since less than 5 years, may request a temporary residence permit (pre-settled status). At the end of these 5 years in the Country thay may request to live here permanently obtaining the settled status.

Everyone who arrives in the Country during the period march 2019- december 2020 with the intention to stay in UK for more than 3 months will need to sign up to initiate the procedure for the pre-settled status.

The only ones who can apply after this period are those who want to join their relatives, but they need to have one of the two certifications to live in UK.

It's provided by the law that, Citizens who have settled or presettled status have the access to health and pension system and they have also some other benefits.

The end date in which it's possible to apply is June 2021.

Those who arrives after the implementation period (so from january 2021) will be subjected to the national immigration law, that that the Govern will publish within the end of 2018.

How you can apply?

The applications will be done online through a form that should be active within the end of 2018. The application will be free for the ones who already have the document taht certificates that they are legally resident (permanent residencethe transition from a document to the other will be almost inmediately. To obtain this status you need to verify your criminal records, you have to show a document of identity and a recent picture of you. You need all these things just to confirm your identity.

The fees to pay for the application are:

  • 6565£ if you are older than 16 years old

  • 32,50£ if you are younger than 16 years old

Instead it's free for those who already have a visa to stay or to enter in the UK or a premanent document of legally residence. t's also free for children and for the ones who already applied for the presettled status and they are waiting that this will change in settled

The UK Government declared that the real goal it would be to accept every application, they don't want to reject them.
The online form will consist in
three questions with you confirm your identity, thatyou live in UK and that you don't have any significant criminal records or convictions. Thereis the possibility to make the application through the app, now it's available just for Android system.
It will be possible to join you families or partner, even if you are not married, even after the end date of june 20121, as long as you have a long
relationship with the European citizen that already has his settled status in UK. You will loose your settled status if you leav the Country for 5 consecutive years and no longer 2 as now (relating to permanent residence). 

. For more info I suggest you to use the website of the english government, they update it everytime there are some news and you can find everything I talked about here.

What fo you think about the Brexit? Do you think it's fair? Was this post helpful for you?

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